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Direct From Mines

With direct relationship with gem miners, importers and gem community around the world, make us the direct importer of precious gemstones. With direct sourcing, we have eliminated the multiple levels of agents and traders, which have make the prices lower then the gems available of similar quality in the market. We pass on the lower price to our customers.

From centuries and centuries of loving patience. Well, almost. A precious stone grows in the evolving womb of Nature – seasons, rivers, rains, sunlight, snow and a handful of magic!


And after all the intense years of this metamorphosis, there lies it –blindingly bright, extraordinary, glistening, in its own mystical hue, hidden away in a crevice, waiting by the wall of a cave, an intriguing pebble from the heart a stream, a glinting pinprick of crystal caught in the firelight, or under a boulder, next to a tree…. Wherever the seasons have cast their spell.


It’s Nature’s gift. And it is different. Something about its sheen, colour and feel tells you it is aesthetics at its best and exclusive to the core. And the longer it has rested in formation, the more chaste it is.


Gems are found in different parts of the world. Burma or Mayanmar, is the place for rare rubies, sapphires comes from Sri Lanka, India, and Burma, and world’s best emeralds are mined in Columbia and Zambia. The geography of gemstones is so vast that they are found in almost all corners of the world:


World Gemstone Mines



• Emeralds: Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, India, Pakistan

• Blue Sapphire: Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Burma, Australia

• Ruby: Burma, Mozambique, Russia, India

• Garnet: Sri Lanka, India, Africa

• Coral: India, Japan, Italy

• Opal: Australia

• Pearls: Basra, Venezuela, Australia

• Cats Eye: KanaKhet, Sri Lanka

• Yellow Sapphire: Sri Lanka, Burma

• Tanzanite: Tanzania

• Tourmaline: Mozambique, Madagascar

• Amethyst: Africa, Canada

• Diamond: Ghana, Angola, Congo, Australia, Canada, Botswana, South Africa


Mines Gallery

World Gemstone Mines
Gemstone Digging in Sri Lanka
Ruby Minning in Burma
Emerald mines in Muzo, Columbia
Sapphire from Kashmir Mines
Sapphire Mines - Sri Lanka