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Message From The Director

From a modest begining in 2003, VISHHWAS Gemstones has grown now into a fully integrated gemstone supplier in India.

The guiding philosophy of VISHHWAS, throughout has been supporting the cause of natural gemstones without any synthetic treatment, and selling them at reasonable prices.

We believe in the policy of Full Disclosure, thus, inform our customers about the treatments on gemstones happening in the market. That is one of the reason that we have gained customer trust which has made us the market leader in natural gemstones.

I take pride of being part of this organization, and appreciate your trust in believing us. I assure you that we will always serve you with the quality product.

Soli Sethi

His passion for stones, and the different stories they tell, urged Soli to do further studies from Gemological Institute Of America (GIA). This energetic and adventurous man specializes in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald as well. He holds ‘Life Time Fellow of Forum Of India Gemmologist’. In addition to this, we are also prestigious member of Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), apart from being the member of World Gems Society.

With all the information and knowledge in tow, Soli started his retail store ‘Sethi Sons Jewellers’ in 2003. Soli has always given customer satisfaction a lot of importance. He adds, “To me a gemstone is nothing short of an investment, which is why I assure that I provide a gemstone that might realise dreams and bring about positive changes in the customers life, apart from of course adding finesse to their looks and wardrobe.”

It is for this reason; to provide the most genuine gemstones that Soli introduced Certified Gemstones for the first time in the country. The motto was to be the best in the field, to change the face of how people look and buy gemstones. Soli, added another chapter by launching a gemstone brand Vishhwas in 2008. The brand continues to set the standards for the finest in natural gemstones. It was the success of this brand and the demand, which made this gemologist launch Credibility, Consistency and Certification are the cornerstones of the value system at Vishhas.

As he supervises every little thing himself, Soli, personally handles the queries regarding gemstones almost everyday, and he makes sure every single query is provided with a satisfactory answer.

Apart from the genuine quality of gemstones, Vishhwas organize free astrology camps on regular basis, which prove to be very beneficial for the general public. Since this brand believes in full disclosure policy, it promote natural, untreated and genuine gemstones. As Soli says, “We are totally against the use of treated and synthetic gemstones. As I said, customer satisfaction is of importance to us, something that our brand provides all the time.”

It is the inspiration that these sparkles ‘provide along with the Vishhwas, which makes this brand the most trusted one in the country as it provides sparkles to lives everyday!

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction

    A satisfied customer is the backbone of a successful brand. Since 2003, we always strive to achieve it and that is one the reason that the customer comes back to us.

  • Disclosure Policy

    There are vaious treatments performed on a gemstone to enhance its purity, beauty and durability. We believe that customer should be informed about treatments happening on gemstones.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We keep the pricing of each product transparent and as well as reasonable to everyone so that natural gems should be approachable to all.

  • After Sale Service

    For winning the loyalty of a customer, we believe that the after sales service is the most important thing and we try to achieve that.

  • Natural & Genuine Gemstones

    We believe that gemstones are created by nature and human intervention should not be infused to treat them with chemicals. Hence, we believe in selling only natural and genuine gemstones.

  • We Act With Integrity

    We hold ourselves to uncompromising ethical and legal standards. This stands for our day to day business work to buying from a supplier to delivering to the customer.