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Gemstone Education

What is a



A gemstone is a mineral or an organic that have been chosen for their beauty and durability, and then cut and polished for use as human adornment."

What are

Synthetic gemstones are made in laboratory by man.They look similar to natural gems and for a laymen,it is difficult to differentiate between a natural and synthetic gemstone.It is recommended to test a gemstone from a professional gemologist.

Yellow Stone
What are

Imitation gems merely imitate the color or look of a natural gem.They are made up of strass with a large percentage of lead to give luster, and different chemicals to give colour.

What are
gem treatments?

A gem treatment is any human cotrolled process that improve the appearance, and durability of a gem. A low quality natural gemstone can be treated to give the desired color and appearance to fetch more value.Bangkok sapphire(Bangkok Pukhraj), and glass filled Ruby are some of the examples of treated gemstones.

What are
A gem inclusion is an internal feature of a natural gemstone.Inclusions are integral part of a gemstone, and are bound to appear in natural gemstones.Presence of inclusions in a gemstone helps in differentiating a natural from a synthetic gemstone.
How a natural gemstone
benefits the wearer?

Every gemstone has the power to draw energy or beams from its respective planet and channelize it into the wearer's body.This property of a gemstone is helpful in exerting its influence in miraculous ways.

Each gemstone represents a planet of the solar system.the Karama Purana states that gems were created from the seven different kinds of rays of light, radiating from the seven formost planet of the solar system.These rays were transmitted in seven colours of the rainbow.These seven rays of light are responsible for all the celestial existences in cosmos,including the human body.Hence gems helps in fullfilling the chakras.Suppose a particular planet is strong/weak in the horoscope of a person and a person is suggest to wear the stone that represents the particular planet. The stone draws positive energy from the planet and channelize it into the body of wearer.

The planet, since then, begins to bestow its good effect on the person who then climbs the ladder of success quickly, reaps great benefits and enjoys good relation.Now even if the person doesn't make fervent efforts,the luck still gives him strong support.

What are the
advantages of
wearing a gemstone?
According ancient texts and astrology, wearing the gems helps mental instability, physical agony and monetary hindrances, and good family relations. In this manner gems serve as shield and safeguard for the wearer.Wearing of these gems regulates the dhatus and the psychophysical well being in human life.
Does the
wearing of gemstone
have any scientific basis or is it mere

Effects of the stones can be compared with the way modern medicine employs to remove the deficiency of vitamins in body.As for example green vegetable are prescribed to remove the deficiency of vitamin A and iron and basking is suggested to correct the disturbances in the level of vitamin D. Similarly stones are suggested to remove the deficiencies in the influence of particular planet. All gemstones are composed of chemical composition and the particular composition helps in filling the deficiency in the body.

Major regions
where gems are found:

Yellow StoneYellow Sapphire(Pukhraj):Sri Lanka, Burma,    India.

NeelamBlue Sapphire(Neelam):Kashmir, Sri Lanka,    Burma, Africa.
Green GemEmeralds:Columbia, Zambia India, Brazil,    Russia.
RubyRuby(Manik):Burma, India, Africa, and    Mozambique.
Coral GemCorals:India, Japan and Europe.
Garnet GemGarnets:Sri Lanka, India Africa.
Opal GemOpals:Australia, Africa, and .Ethiopia
Cat eyeCats Eye:Kanakkhet, India.
Pearl GemPearl:Basra in Iran, Venezuela, Japan.
Diamond GemDiamond:Africa, Canada and Australia.
Gemstone Index
Know your
Yellow sapphire
Yellow Lagre

Yellow sapphire harmonizes and benefits the planet-Guru or Jupiter.Guru is the major instructor or techer and influences action with the highest order and balance. Yellow Sapphire guides action in the most harmonious and uplifting manner and balances inner and outer input while simultaneously performing and monitoring action.Yellow Sapphire works like a multi-vitamin.It purify your senses,brings prosperity to your personal and financial life.It also helps correct color ray imbalances throughout your being, thereby uplifting your health at a fudamental level.

It signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune,,justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirtuality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity.

buying tip
Highest qualities of yellow sapphire are found in Sri Lanka.But yellow sapphire, which are good in clarity and colour. Most of the yellow sapphires are treated to give orange-yellow colour, which are known as Bangkok Sapphire. One should not buy Bangkok sapphire, as they can be harmful.
care and cleaning
Yellow Sapphire rings & pendants can be cleaned using hot soapywater, or detergent. Rinse thoroughly afterwards as detergents can cause dermatitis & allergic reactions.Enzyme cleaners should be avoided. Brushing with a toothbrush to remove dirt & grease will also help.Cleaning agents containing chlorine may have a detrimental effect on low carat gold alloys, so are best avoided. Use gemstone cleaning cloth for polishing available at VISHHWAS store or bring your gemstore ring for free cleaning and polishing at Vishhwas store.

The name emerald comes from the Greek 'smaragdos' via the Old French 'esmeralde'.The Vedas, the holy scriptures of the indians,say of the precious green gems and their healing properties: 'Emeralds promise good luck...' and 'The emerald enhances the well being...' Emerald helps in acquiring wealth and the native would be blessed with intelligence,good health, wealth, longevity, lands

and prosperity,domestic happiness and an obstruction free life. It brings advancement in profession, name, fame and honor.

buying tip
Most of the emeralds of indian origin are opaque. Clear emeralds are found in Columbia,Zambia,Russia, and Brazil.World's best emeralds are found in Columbia and Zambia. On most of the occasions, Columbian emeralds are clariy based, while emeralds from Zambia are judged according to colour.
care and cleaning
Protect emeralds from all types of scratches and sharp blows, sudden temperature changes and any type of chemical solvent. Clean your emerald jewellary by using room temperature running water and a soft toothbrush and a mild soap. After drying, it can be rubbed with a gemstone cleaning cloth. Avoid using any kind of chemicals. For resizing or repairs take it only to a knowledgeable, professional gemmologist. Bring your gemstone ring for free cleaning and polishing at Vishhwas store.

The Sanskrit word for ruby is 'ratnaraj', which means 'kind of gemstones'. In the fascinating world of gemstones, ruby is the undisputed ruler. For thousands of years, ruby has been considered as one of the most valuable gemstone on earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance.

Ruby represents Sun, which promotes prosperity, wealth and the ability to attract good fortune towards oneself. One can attain

significance, good reputation, and ambition with the strength of a ruby.

buying tip
Buy ruby which are origin in Burma, India, Mozambique or Africa. Most of the rubies would be opaque. Clear rubies are found from Burma, and Mozambique. To fetch higher market price, rubies are filled with glass to give better appearance. It is recommended to avoid glass filled rubies.
care and cleaning
Although ruby is a tough gem, no special care is really required, but protect them from scratches, sharp blows and temperature changes. However, rubies are subject to chipping and fracture if handled roughly . Don't use any abrasives, not even toothpaste, as such abrasives will not hurt rubies but will scratch the softer gold or platinum settings. Use gemstone-cleaning cloth for polishing available at VISHHWAS store.
Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a gemstone that has never lost its timeless appeal. It heals, nourishes and brings order to the mind, body and soul. This gem is so powerful, if used properly, it can alleviate even long-term misfortune. Blue sapphire can cause sudden upturn in profession and change the life pattern of the wearer for good. It

brings wealth, name, fame and power. Blue Sapphire aslo represents longevity, disciplin, authority, leadership, ambition, perfection, humility, and dutifulness.

buying tip
Blue sapphire should be natural from Sri Lanka, Burma or Kashmir. They should be blue in colour and clear. Opaque sapphires should be avoided.
care and cleaning
Blue sapphire can be cleaned with a gemstone cleaning cloth and warm water with quality detergent. For deeper cleaning, soak the piece of sapphire ring or pendent in a detergent and warm water solution for 10 to 20 minutes, and the scrub gently but firmly with a soft cloth or makeup brush to remove any residues and dirt. Dry carefully with a gemstone cleaning cloth before wearing. Gemstone cleaning cloth is available at Vishhwas store.

Coral is the gemstone of Mars and its positive influence gives strength to a person to defeat his enemies. Coral is known as Praval in Sanskrit, Munga in Hindi, Povel in Marathi. In Urdu and Persian language, it is known as Mirjaan. The positive influence of Coral gives the happiness of younger siblings, courage, strength, patience, leadership qualities, and the ability to defeat enemies. A Coral will increase wealth and remove danger and obstacles. Coral turns in active person into active ones, helps build finances,

increase determination, courage, physical strength, vitality, and leadership qualities and helps one to finish the tasks he has begun.

buying tip
Coral is mainly opaque and may have some surface makings, which can be clearly seen. Some of the most common surface makings on a coral are wood grain effect, groove pits and striations. On most of the occasions, corals are heavier in weight then their stimulants. This is one procedure where a laymen can differentiate between a natural and fake coral.
Corals are organic,so they are brittle. Do not clean coral in a home ultrasonic cleaner. Special care is required for corals. Remove coral rings when washing and moisturising your hand. Coral is very soft, so you should avoid chemicals.Coral is brittle, scratched easily and chip off or even break if handled roughly.Always clean coral with a gemstone cleaning cloth, available at a VISHHWAS store.
Cats eye
(Lah suniya)

Like the eye of a sleek feline predator, the Cat's Eye winks at the astonished observer a real miracle of Natural. That's why only this attractive gemstone has the right to the short, fitting name of "cat's eye". This gem is really something special with its narrow, bright band of light on a shimmering background, which seems to glide magically across the surface when the stone is moved.
Since ancient times, Cat's Eye has been regarded as a gemstone, which protects its wearer and keeps disaster at bay. Wearing a good Cat's eye make the person healthy, wealthy, strongly

determined, and knowedgleable. It gives gain from speculations, the stock market. Politicians can use cat's eye to good benefit, and it can help those in business from loosing money.
In India, this gem is known by various names like,'lasunia','vaidhuriya','ketu' and 'bidalaskh'.

buying tip
The ring (eye) that comes on top of the gemstone should be thin and fine so that the ring rotates as the direction of the gem move.
Use a damp cloth dipped in a luke warm water of a quality detergent. Always use a soft cloth to dry the gemstones.As Cat's eye are cabochon in shape, so avoid using any tooth brush or any other cosmetic brush to clean it.

Pearls have been prized for their beauty and rarity for more than for thousand years. From ancient China, India and Egypt, to Imperial Rome, to the Arab world, to Native American tribes, cultures from around the world and throughout recorded history have valued pearls longer than any other gem. Pearls are unique in the world of colored gemstones since they are only gemstone formed within a living creature.

buying tip
Pearls created in the nature are always uneven in shape. Thus, pearls, which are flat from one side, should be avoided, as its an indication that the pearl has been created in a laboratory.
care and cleaning
Pearls require special care because they contain calcareous crystals that are sensitive to chemicals and acids. To care for your pearls, avoid using perfume, hairspray, abrasives, solvents and nail paint removers while wearing them. Like your skin, pearls contain water may dehydrate and crack if exposed continuosly to acid conditions. USE a soft damp cloth to clean pearls.

Garnet traces its root to the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C., where Egyptian artisans would craft the gemstone into beads or inlay them into hand-wrought jewellry. Garnet received its name from the ancient Greeks because the color reminded of the "granatum" or pomegranate seed.

Hindu astrology relates hessonite garnet to Rahu. Vedic mythology suggests that Rahu is a serpent that causes eclipses through its action of swalloing in the moon or the sun. Metaphysically, some people have regarded the hessonite garnet gemstones as one that increases spiritually and self respect.
The fabulous garnet gemstone is very common and can be found in many areas around the world. The most common being Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

buying tip
Good quality garnet shoud be clear and brown in colour. Opaque garnets have lesser impactful as compare to the clear garnets.
You should clean your garnet with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Always make sure you rinse the store well after washing it. Ultrasonic machines may also be used for garnets.Don not steam clean your garnet. As with other stones, one should take care of their garnet and protect it from sharp blows, harsh temperature and chemicals.

Ancient civilizations were fascinated by the exceptional hardeness of diamond, although colored gems were regarded as more aethetically pleasing. Diamonds are one of the most powerful gems and can give quick results to their wearers. Diamonds

strengthen a weak venus, enhance the color indigo, and are related to the number 6.Diamond effect water and our sense of taste, and work with Vishuddi Chakra(base of the neck).
Diamond is known as Varjmani or Indramaniin Sanskrit. In Hindi and Marathi, it is known as Heera and in Farsi it is known as
Almaas. There are three main quality of diamond: beauty, strength and coolness. Due to these qualities, diamond is known as the queen of all gemstones.

buying tip
In astrology, colorless diamond are considered as higher quality. Buy diamonds, which are white in colour and better in clarity.
Diamond has an unusual property for a mineral,because of its strong bonding and carbon composition, which cause its surface to repel water, but to it readly accept wax and grease. Diamond can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner or using a gemstone cleaning cloth.

Opals are also known as the "Gem of the Gods". The name opal is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit upala, meaning "precious stone," and the letter Greek derivate "Opallios," which mean to "see a change of colour." The opal stands for hope, purity, health and innocence. Many believe that those who wear Opal will be treated to a greater understanding of life's possibilities and will discover new and different views of the world they live in. Opals are also believed to assist in healing. Opal is a strong gemstone, it can substitute a diamond.

buying tip
Good opal display 'play of colour' that means different colour can be seen on a oppal under artificial light. An opal that shows 'play of colour' are higher in quality than rhe lesser colour ones.
Opals are delicate, but well worth the care. Their most significant weakness has to do with the water content. If an opal is allowed to dry, it will crack and craze. If you live in a very dry climate, or keep them in a dehumidified room, some precautions are necessary. Because of their water content, opals are also highly sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. If you do get an opal ring, choose a setting that protects it from coming in contact with other objects.