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B.Tripati Patro


At the outset,I wish to convey my sincere thanks to you for providing the best product and best services even replacing one of the coral with another as I wanted an oval shape.


For precious gem-stones trust is the key and I got the trust in you way back when we had the first transaction 10 years back in Chandigarh.


Now inspite so many options in Hyderabad, I preferred to buy yellow sapphire (pukhraj) of highest quality from you because of the same trust. I added two more rings of coral one for me and one for my wife. I shall buy in future also from you alone. This is the comfort you have been giving me through your genuine stones, customer centric focus and integrity.


The highlights of your services are


1.100% genuine gem stones.


2.make to order rings.


3.Well packed boxes with specific jantra and ganga water and the procedure how to wear.


4.The best and reliable courier service. pick-up and dispatch incase of replacement etc.


Finally I have no words, but to wish great success in your business and we need more people like you in today's world. May God Bless you.

V.M. Joshi
Sr. Manager – IT
Max India Ltd.

I am a regular customer of Vishhwas Gemstones. I have bought number of gemstones from them just because that I get genuine and quality gems at reasonable prices as compared to outside market.

Col. B N Bhatia

Soli and his team make all endevours to uplift you and your lifestyle through the unique power of gems. I have trusted Vishhwas to the hilt and it paid me and my family.


I have bought many stones from Sethi Sons Jewellers. Whole collection is very good. I wore a red coral for health. After wearing it my health has improved tremendously. All stones are of very pure quality. Highly recommend this showroom whoever wants to buy stone for astrological purposes.

INIFD Alumini, Chandigarh

I am very happy with the services at Vishhwas. True to their tagline, ‘Genuine Gemstones’ everything that I have taken from the, are truly par excellence. I trust their quality and like their style and design.

Kuldeep Singh
Shivalikfastnerspvt ltd

I have found that the blue sapphire(neelam) I have bought from Vishhwas Gemstones is a genuine one and it has improved my financial health. The dealing was very fare and genuine. This is one of the best place to buy gemstones.

Indian Air Force

I have bought a Pukhraj from vishhwas gemstones and it has given good effects. I am satisfied with the genuineness of the stone.

Rajeev kumar
Mansa Estate

I have bought a yellow sapphire(pukhraj) from Vishhwas, it has done wonders for me, and has improved my business and personal relations.

Ritu Kochhar
INIFD Director

Vishhwas gemstone is a complete package, where you get Certificate of authentication, huge variety of stone collection, gemological advice, and choice of ring design. The gems which I have bought from Vishhwas, have been seen by people, and they have checked them and have praised the stones.

Dr. Prashant Puri

We came to Vishhwas & I feel it is the best place for gemstones. Words will fail to describe the place. There are positive waves all around while you are here. Thanks a lot.

Sumeet Singla
Properitier, Ajanta Graphics

Vishhwas Gemstones is the most reliable and genuine brand. I have tried them three times and everytime I had good experience and I have got positive effect from those gems.